12 Days of Christmas: Day 10 | 2017 | Holiday Makeup Tutorial

12 Days of Christmas: Day 10 | 2017 | Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Holiday makeup looks are always fun to recreate or create yourself. If you’re a makeup lover, it’s one of the best ways to start feeling festive. 

With a simple YouTube search you can find hundreds of amazing looks. There’s so many ways to go for holiday makeup- simple, very festive, or somewhere in between.

This is my favorite go-to holiday makeup- the look you’ll find me wearing for holiday dates, Christmas Eve dinner, and even on New Year’s day.

For this look I used the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette and the BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette. You can find all other items used below!


When I’m doing a simple, everyday look, I usually always do my face makeup (foundation, concealer, etc) first. However, with looks like this that involve a little bit more dramatic eye makeup, I usually do the eyes first since there will be fallout.

Step 1

First, I primed my eyes with Tarte Maracuja concealer and set it down with the shade Tempera in the Modern Renaissance palette.



Step 2

I began blending the 3rd color in the first row of the Carli Bybel palette into my crease. (I love this palette, but I hate that the colors don’t have names).

Then, going in with both the 3rd color in the bottom row of the Carli palette and the shade Raw Sienna in Modern Renaissance I repeated the same motions, just deepening my crease color.


Step 3

I then took a fluffy blending brush to blend out any harsh lines.

Step 4

Using a shader brush I took the 3rd color in the second row of the Carli palette onto my lid, mainly focusing it on my outer corners and dragging in about 1/4 of the way. I repeat this step with Venetian Red and Red Ochre from Modern Renaissance and then blend everything with a clean fluffy brush.

Step 5

I took a small crease brush and blended any harsh lines with the 3rd shade on the bottom row of the Carli palette and then intensified the Red Ochre on the outer corners.

Step 6

I applied the Tarte Maracuja concealers to the inner half of my lid and set that down with Tempera. I did this so that there would be a nice, clean area for the following shimmer shades to stick to.

I then applied Warm Taupe from Modern Renaissance to darken the color a bit before using a finger to apply Primavera on top. I then intensified this shimmer with the second gold shade on the bottom row of Carli’s palette and then a bit of Ofra Cosmetics highlighter in Rodeo Drive on top.


I then blended everything and moved onto my face makeup.

Step 7

After completing my face makeup I went in under my eyes with a pencil brush. I used Raw Sienna across the whole length of my eye, Primavera close to my inner corners and Red Ochre on the bottom outer corners. I used Vermeer from Modern Renaissance to highlight my inner corners and brow bone.

Step 8

I then used Tarte Sex Kitten eyeliner to tight-line and line my waterline. Lastly, I applied 3 coats of Benefit Cosmetics’ They’re Real mascara.


What I used on the rest of my face:

Primer: Benefit Cosmetics The Pore Professional

Foundation: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea (applied with a foundation brush)

Concealer: ELF in the shade light (applied with a concealer brush)

Setting Powder: IBY Beauty Highlight and Contour Palette in highlight shade #2 (applied with a powder brush)

Contour: Benefit Cosmetics Hoola (applied with small contour brush)

Bronze: IBY Beauty Highlight and Contour Palette in contour shade #1 (applied with a blush brush)

Eyebrows: Brow Gal mini palette in powder color #3 

Highlight: Forever Young from the ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit (applied with a fan brush)

Lips: Sephora Matte Lipstick in shade #20, Wanted Red

This is my personal go-to holiday look. This is more on the elaborate and dramatic side but could definitely be toned down and more natural with a nude lip and less shimmer shades. I encourage you to try out this look and let me know in the comments how it turned out for you! Or, if this isn’t really your style, tell me what your favorite holiday makeup look is!

Happy Blending everyone!