12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 | 2017 | Gift Ideas for Him

12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 | 2017 | Gift Ideas for Him

If you missed my Instagram announcement, I am now beginning my 12 Days of Christmas posts! Every day from now until Christmas morning there will be one holiday related blog post from me!

Some things included will be gift ideas, make up tutorials, and advice on grieving during the holidays. Be sure to check back everyday or subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a post.

To kick-start the 12 Days of Christmas let’s discuss gift ideas for the men in our lives.

If you have a dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, uncle, grandfather or male friend (which I’m sure you do) you know the struggle of figuring out what to buy them each and every holiday season.

(Yes, I mean you can’t buy them a tie every year.)

As someone who has struggled with this for the past few years, I’ve googled “good gifts for guys” many times. However, I always come up with the same, stereotypical gifts like bottle openers. So, I decided to compile a list for myself, and for you all, of the 12 best gifts that the men in our lives will actually appreciate.

Bluetooth Speaker

I don’t know any guy that doesn’t love listening to music. A Bluetooth speaker will totally benefit them by allowing them to listen to music in the shower or just hanging around the house without needing to be plugged into an aux cord.

Try these:

Sony XB10

JBL Flip 3

Wireless Phone Charger

More wireless electronics! I recently bought my boyfriend one of these as an early Christmas gift and he loves it. He just keeps it plugged in and whenever he’s in bed or getting ready in the morning he can just put his phone down and bam! it starts charging!

Try these:



Camping Gear

This is more of a niche gift but if you know any outdoorsy, camping types then this stuff makes for an awesome Christmas gift! My dad has been really into camping for a few years now so its made buying gifts for him super easy. Plus camping requires a lottttt of gear so they’d really appreciate your contribution.

Try these:



Comfy Slippers

Who doesn’t love comfy slippers for cold winter nights? You can never go wrong with these.

Try these:



Cigar Set

Many guys love smoking or even just collecting different types of cigars. If you know someone like this them this would be the perfect gift for them!

Try these:

Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop

Winter Jacket

Everyone needs a warm and comfortable winter jacket near the holidays. It’s a gift that is definitely going to be used.

Try these:

Hawke & Co.

Eric Dress


Some men carry money clips nowadays but most still use typical wallets. And they’re always in need of a fresh new one.

Try these: 



DSLR Camera or GoPro

These are on the more expensive side but if you were looking for a more “luxury” gift then one of these would be amazing. This another thing that is more of a niche gift but so many will love it and definitely get use out of both of them.

Try these:




As I previously mentioned it’s basically a universal thing for men to love listening to music. Headphones are a gift that they will definitely appreciate and get a lot of use out of.

Try these:



Cologne Set

This is a typical go-to gift that I get for the guys in my family.

Try these:



Personalized Gift Basket

I love making gift baskets for Christmas for the guys or girls I’m shopping for! Some of my favorite themes to make for guys in my family or my boyfriend are sports, cooking, and movie night!

…And if all else fails, Amazon or Visa gift cards are always a good bet!

I hope this list gave you some inspiration for the gifts to buy the guy(s) in your life! No matter what you decide to get them, I am sure they will appreciate it.

Happy shopping everyone!