KL Polish (Spring Collection 2017) Review

KL Polish (Spring Collection 2017) Review

As you may have saw, I recently reviewed KL Polish’s First Collection. Next up is a review of the Spring 2017 collection! I’m obsessed with these nail polishes so you can expect a review on every collection ūüôā

What is it?

If you haven’t seen my review of KL Polish’s first collection or you don’t already know what it is, KL Polish is a nail polish brand created by Beauty Vlogger Kathleen Lights. The line claims to cater to all skin tones and be affordable! It is cruelty-free and 5/7/9 free, meaning it is free of 7 harsh chemicals, parabens, and acetone.

What’s the price?

I forgot to mention this in my first review but the nail polishes are currently only sold on the KL Polish website. Each polish is sold for $8.50. However, they are released in sets of 6 so when you buy the sets as a whole it’s $45 (which works out to be $7.50 a polish). Buying as a set is a great option if you’re going to want all of them because it is a little cheaper and the sets are limited edition so once they sell out you have to buy the bottles separately.

How’s the packaging?

As I said in my first post, the packaging is gorgeous! It’s super modern and sleek looking. The bottle is square, clear and glass with black lettering and a black matte lid.

And the applicator?

This applicator is so different from other nail polishes that I use! The brush is thick and wide and it is kind of rounded on the ends which makes getting into the corners of your nails easy! My only complaint about this is I wish the wand part was a little longer.

Onto the colors!

Hug & Roll: 7/10

The Color: 5/10

Hug and Roll is a light lavender shade. I was very excited when I saw this shade because I love lavender colors. However pictures are super different than how the polish looks on nails and I was really disappointed. When I wear this it just looks white. Under certain light you can see a very subtle purple tint but it’s barely there.

The Name: 9/10

So the name of this one is actually a Friends reference. As a huge Friends fan I was so excited about this, I think it’s adorable. (If you’re curious, it’s in Episode 3 of Season 3)¬†My only downfall with this was that when I saw the name immediately thought of a deep purple like the apartment in Friends.¬†

The Wear: 6/10

I hate being so negative about one polish buttttt… this chips super quick on me. I could normally get away with about 3 days before it begins to chip. This is very unlike a lot of my other KL Polishes.

The Formula: 8/10

Okay, a little more positivity! The formula of this polish is pretty good and up to par with the other KL Polishes. I do have to use 2-3 coats to get this to be as opaque as I like it but that’s typical of any nail polish.

That’s What She Said: 8/10

The Color: 9/10

That’s What She Said is a rose silver/copper metallic with a pearlescent finish. This color is so unique! I love it. I am a huge fan of rose gold and blush shades so I was super excited for this one. It’s not a typical rose gold it’s more of a rose silver which I was unsure of at first because I do love the rose gold look but I think makes it even better because it’s so different than other polishes.

The Name: 8/10

The name is adorable and fun! My only downfall with this was that I don’t feel like the name a color really correlate. I was expecting a darker, more¬†sensual color to go with this name.

The Wear: 9/10

The wear on this is pretty good! I wore this on my recent trip to Las Vegas and it didn’t start chipping until I was on my way home from the trip.

Formula: 9/10

The formula is great! Most of the KL Polishes are a creme finish but this one is a metallic and it actually works really great. I could probably even get away with just one coat of this but I always do two for good measure!

Miss Honey: 9/10

The Color: 9/10

Miss Honey is a warm melon-pink color. I had such a weird relationship with this polish. When I wore it for the first time I really didn’t like it. I thought it was too sheer or too nude or something. But this ended up being one of my favorites from the Spring Collection! It’s so clean, modern, and professional looking.

The Name: 10/10

This name is so cute. It’s a reference from a character from the movie Matilda which is awesome but I also love that it kinda looks like honey so it’s a double reference!

The Wear: 9/10

Miss Honey is a lighter, fleshy color. I think that lighter colors always chip a little quicker on me so that does happen but it still lasts a decent amount of time.

The Formula: 10/10

The formula is super smooth and creamy. It is more of a sheer color so it needs more than one coat to be fully opaque.

Coconut Milk: 6/10

The Color: 5/10

Coconut Milk is a creamy white. Kathleen described this¬†color as not¬†a true white but more of an ivory.¬†This is the shade that I¬†like the least in the Spring Collection. I personally don’t love any white nail polish on me but the fact that I am so pale and it’s a more creamy,¬†ivory shade I feel like it just looks kind of like a white that got dirty on me.¬†¬†

The Name: 10/10

The name is so cute and super accurate for the color that it is. I personally would have thought of something similar; I love it.

The Wear: 4/10

As I’ve said a hundred times in this post light colors just¬†chip quicker for me so this doesn’t last too long before I find myself needing to fix it or remove it.¬†

The Formula: 7/10

The formula is very opaque and you only really need a coat or two. However it is a little stickier than the other polishes.

Pistachio Ice Cream: 9/10

The Color: 10/10

Pistachio Ice Creamis a soft green pastel color. I love this one, it’s one of my favorites in the collection. It’s such a pretty, springy color.¬†

The Name: 10/10

This name is adorable,I couldn’t think of anything better or more accurate for this color.¬†

The Wear: 9/10

This lasts pretty long on me and takes about a week before it chips.

The Formula: 10/10

Pistachio Ice Cream is a super creamy and opaque shade and it goes on so smooth!


St. Clair: 10/10

The Color: 10/10

St. Clair is a periwinkle, pastel blue. This is my favorite color of the Spring Collection. It’s such a pretty unique shade. It’s

not exactly a baby blue but it’s still pretty pale.

The Name: 10/10

The name is one of my favorite things about this polish! It is based off of a character in the book Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Before this polish came out I hadn’t read the book but as an avid reader the color made me really curious so of course I immediately read Anna and The French Kiss. It is such a¬†cute Young Adult novel and I strongly recommend it! The name St. Clair comes from the love interest in the book.

The Wear: 9/10

It’s a light color, so you already know the deal.

The Formula:

St. Clair is so creamy and opaque! This has a great formula and doesn’t dry streaky at all.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Although I like the shades in the First Collection better than these, I still love the Spring Collection. Overall I would say¬†that St. Clair, That’s What She Said, and Miss Honey are the colors that I reach for the most often and the one’s I¬†strongly recommend. Like I said in my last review, I love Kathleen Lights and I am super excited for her with the¬†success of her nail polishes!

Do I recommend KL Polish’s Spring Collection?

Of course I do. Certain colors and formulas work differently for individual people but as a whole the Spring Collection is beautiful.

Stay tuned for my next review on KL Polish Summer Miami Collection!

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