College Desk Tour

College Desk Tour

It’s such a weird thing to say but my desk is one of my happy places. I sit here to do all of my homework assignments, blog posts, and sometimes even just eat lunch or scroll through Twitter!

In all other aspects of life I am not even close to being a Type A person, but with my desk, school supplies, and planner I totally am!

I love reading posts about other people’s supplies, organization, and productivity and I figured I that I cant be alone in that guilty pleasure! So here is my own College Desk Tour. Maybe this will inspire you to get organized or go out and buy some new colored pens.

Or maybe you’re just reading this and thinking I’m crazy *insert shrugging emoji*.

Whatever it was that urged you to click on this, I hope you enjoy it!

Okay so this is the full on view of my desk. It’s situated directly next to a window because I love having natural light when I’m working on assignments or drinking coffee in the early morning. On the other side directly next to me is my roommate’s desk. (Hi Heather!)

The top of my desk always has my planner sitting in the front so that I never forget my tasks for the day. If you don’t use a planner you should totally start now, it makes life so much easier! I use this planner by Lily Pulitzer and I absolutely love it.

In the corner of my desk top I have all of my texts books for current classes as well as an pretty pink accordion folder that I use to keep all 

of my papers from the semester.


Next to this I have my black pens, pencils, dry erase markers, and highlighters in one little tin can and in the Coke can with my name on it I have the colored gel pens that I use for my planner.

On the other corner on my deskI have a black lamp,
 a small decorative heart shaped bowl with some change in it, a vanilla scented candle (so relaxing!) and a little Jade succulent plant for decoration.

On the walls surrounding my desk. I have a DIY dry erase calendar that I made last year (which I’m thinking of redoing soon). This calendar outlines all of my bigger events or due dates for the month so I could have it right in front of me. I love being able to glance up and know exactly what I have going on that day.

Above my calendar and onthe wall next to me is a few decorations and pictures. The 21 was a handmade 21st birthday gift from my very creative cousin! 

I love how pretty this is and it gives my desk a pop of color. Next to the desk I have a few photo booth pictures with friends and family, flags of countries I’ve visited, a post card that came with one of my KL Polish packages, and a loving note from my boyfriend.

My desk comes equipped with four drawers. The first is a long flat drawer right under the top of the desk. This holds my bullet journal, a few extra notebooks, my blog post notebook, an external hard drive, and some other little odds & ends such as my headphones charger.

The other three drawers are off to the side. In the top I have a bunch of stationary supplies (aka pieces of heaven). Included in these aresomepage tabs, sticky notes, binger clips, washi tape, scotch tape, a stapler, and push pins. The bottom two drawers house my class folders and notebooks.

And that is the end of my college desk tour! I hope you enjoyed and I hope that this post helped your own organization or supply choices in some way!