KL Polish (First Collection) Review

KL Polish (First Collection) Review

What is it?

KL Polish is a nail polish brand created by Beauty Vlogger, Kathleen Lights. It is a cruelty-free, USA made, and 5/7/9-free (meaning it’s free of seven harsh chemicals, parabens and acetone, all which are normally in nail polishes). The line claims to cater to all skin tones and be affordable.

So, what’s the price?

The price of a single bottle of nail polish is $8.50. However the polishes are released in sets of 6 so when you buy the sets as a whole it’s $45.00 (which works out to be $7.50 a polish). Buying as a set is definitely a great option if you know you’re going to want all 6 in the collection anyway. It ends up being a dollar less per polish plus the sets are limited edition and once they sell out you will have to buy each one separately.

Spolier alert: I love KL Polish. So, to me the price is wroth it. They are comparable to Essie ($9 each) in product amount per bottle. I personally believe that KL Polish has a better formula and wear time than Essie and they’re 50 cents less! For the formula and quality it makes sense that KL Polish is on the higher end of a typical nail polish price. 

How’s the packaging?

I love, love, love the packaging of these. It’s a simple and sleek design; a completely glass, square bottle, with a black matte lid and simple black “KL Polish” writing on the front. I think this has such a modern and minimalistic look that is super clean and inviting. I also love the lid because because it’s matte finish makes it easy to grip. 

And the applicator?

The wand on the polishes is great for the most part. The brush itself is a little wider and thicker than other brands of nail polish, which I think is great because it covers more of your nail with less swipes as well as picks up more product. It is also rounded which makes getting into the corners of your nails, close to your nail bed, extremely easy and doesn’t cause you to get nail polish on your skin.

The only think I don’t like about the applicator is that I wish it was a little longer. Not the bristles but ya know, the plastic part that leads from the lid to the bristles? Yeah, that thing.

Now let’s get to the colors!

Snickerdoodle: 7/10

The Color: 6/10

Snickerdoodle is a subtle nude shade with a neutral undertone. When I first got this shade I was so excited to try it out but after wearing it I decided that I really don’t like this color on me. Maybe it’s just because I’m too pale but the color seems a lot lighter when you apply it than when it’s in the bottle.

The Name: 10/10

I do however, LOVE, the name. I think it’s so cute and when I picture a snickerdoodle this is the exact color that comes to mind. One of my favorite things about KL Polishes is right before she releases a collection, Kathleen posts a black and white picture of the polishes with their names for her followers to guess the colors. Whenever I guess a shade correctly based on its name I get SO excited. (Snickerdoodle was one of those times!)

The Formula: 7/10

This was “eh” for me. I love that the polishes are a creme finish. However, I felt like Snickerdoodle came on a little thick and gloopy.

The Wear: 6/10

Snickerdoodle was not the first KL Polish I wore so I knew that the wear on them was typically pretty long-lasting. So when this started chipping after a day I was not happy. It very well could have been a base coat or top coat that I was using but I have worn this more than once now and it always seems to chip a lot sooner than other KL Polishes. 

Zoey: 9/10

The Color: 8/10

Zoey is a subtle mauve shade. And it’s beautiful. In the bottle this has more of a pinkish mauve tone however when it’s applied to the nails it’s more purpley. I personally like the in-bottle color a little better. But, regardless I loveit. 

The Name: 10/10

This name is adorable. It is named after Kathleen’s god-daughter and I just think that is so sweet. You don’t normally see a nail polish line being so personal so this was a really nice touch.

The Formula: 10/10

I love this formula. It is opaque and smooth when applying and it dries so nicely. This is a good example of how the majority of KL Polishes are in terms of formula.

The Wear: 10/10

Whenever I wear Zoey it lasts a long time on my nails regardless of which base and top coats I used (or if any at all!).

Broccoli & Chocolate: 8/10

The Color: 10/10

Broccoli & Chocolate is a perfect chocolate brown color. Dark colors are my favorite to wear on my nails, especially in the fall & winter seasons. When I first saw this color I knew I was going to love it.

The Name: 7/10

Until Kathleen explained the names of her nail polishes I had no idea what this meant.(Apparently it’s a Mary-Kate and Ashley reference!) I thought it was adorable to include a name inspired by something in her childhood but I definitely didn’t picture this deep brown shade when I saw the name.

The Formula: 10/10

This, just like Zoey, applies to the nail beautifully and you only need one coat!

The Wear: 10/10

This is very long-lasting and can go awhile without chipping even a little bit. Darker colors typically last longer on my nails so I was expecting this but I appreciate it nonetheless.

Brick Sidewalk: 9/10

The Color: 10/10

Brick Sidewalk is a deep rusty red shade. This is one of my favorite colors of the collection. I feel like red is the most popular color for a nail polish but I have never seen a shade like this. It isn’t a bright, true red but it’s not a maroon shade either. It’s very muted and unique.

The Name: 8/10

While I feel like this shade name was under-creative, it is the perfect way to describe this color.

The Formula: 10/10


The Wear: 10/10

This is another one that lasted a long time on my nails. That seems to be the norm for most KL Polishes.

Gumption!: 9/10

The Color: 10/10

Gumption! is a vivid navy blue shade. It reminds me almost of a royal blue and it’s gorgeous! This is definitely one that I wear often out of the collection.


The Name: 7/10


The name Gumption! comes from a movie called The Holiday. I never actually saw this movie so I don’t love the name but it’s not terrible!

The Formula: 10/10

This applied beautifully and was so opaque!

The Wear: 9/10

Like most of the polishes in the collection this took awhile before any chipping.

Caramello: 10/10

The Color: 10/10

Caramello is a gorgeous, unique mustard-pumpkin shade. This is my favorite polish out of the collection. I honestly have never seen a nail polish of this shade, it’s so different. This is the most perfect color for the fall, especially Thanksgiving.

The Name: 10/10

I love this name for its obvious correlation to the color of caramel, however, Kathleen also says that her mom named this because of the candy Caramello and I found it so sweet that her mom was included in the process!

The Formula: 10/10

This was the first KL Polish that I tried out and with the first swipe I fell in love with this formula! It was so opaque and creamy and it glided on so smoothly.

The Wear: 10/10

As this was the first one I tried out I had no idea what the wear was going to be like. Of course I heard about the polishes from Kathleen’s Youtube videos as well as reviews on the KL Polish website but everyone’s nails are different so I couldn’t wait to see how this lasted on me. Needless to say, I was SO impressed. This lasted more than a week without chipping which is so unusual for me. I was hooked on KL Polish ever since then.

Overall Rating: 8/10

I have watched Kathleen Lights from the beginning of her channel, so I will always support her endeavors and creations. However, even without my bias I love KL Polish. It’s beautiful, the colors are unique, and the formula is amazing! You can clearly tell how much work Kathleen put into these polishes and I don’t know if I’ll ever use another brand again.

Do I recommend KL Polish?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. If you are a nail polish fan you definitely need to try these out. Some colors are better than others but they’re definitely all unique and worth the hype.

Coming soon: KL Polish: Spring Collection Review and KL Polish: Summer (Miami) CollectionReview.